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Are you spiritually bypassing?

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

We all are searching for happiness and we search for it in different ways.

Manifestation and positive thinking are promising concepts that tell us that we can create the life of our dreams.

And yes it is true, we can! But we first need to get rid of all the „shit“ within before we top it with icing!

Spiritual bypassing means that we are building up a spiritual identity as a defense mechanism to protect ourselves from unpleasent emotions and pain.

It often is quite a tough journey to really work with transforming unresolved emotions. It is not a dance on pink clouds!

It would be wonderful if we just could use affirmations long enough to heal from within. But the emotions we once had to sweep under the carpet in order to survive will not just evaporate by wishful thinking and affirming that we are doing well when we are not.

It might work for some time on the surface, but in the long run the pain that is lying there will find its way up again. Knocking the door to your heart wanting your attention. It is there to tell you, hey look at me, stop ignoring me and covering me with a smily face. Be authentic and let me in!

No matter which healing modality/ies you are choosing, the tears that you have not been able to cry, the anger that you have not been allowed to feel and the fear that has been shut down will have to surface again in order to heal.

And by that I don’t mean that you will have to go through aweful events from the past in your mind. You don’t have to necissarily relive any of the trauma from your childhood, but the emotions that have been blocked in certain parts of your nervous system will find their way to the surface.

I am personally hooked on working with the nervous system, cause this is were the imprint sits and it effects our emotional, mental and physical health on a deep level. Everything from digestiion to hormonal production, stress, anxiety and depression are all just occuring in a dysregulated nervous system.

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