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What I offer

I offer  3 different packages that you can choose from. They are designed to help you release unresolved emotions and to create a new state of being by working with the regulation of your nervous system

on a deep level. 

Once your nervous system is creating the new „highway“, you will start to feel more alive, more connected to your emotions and more centered and peaceful in your daily life.

A regulated nervous system is the foundation for a balanced life, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Geführte Meditation

What to expect from a session

This is a hands on body work therapy that may or may not trigger a massive nervous system response. It all depends where your vagal tone is at when we start. Some clients have massive emotional releasing first session, to seize response and some just relax. Some feel it very subtly and have hardly any reaction.


Neuroplasticity is taking place even 24 to 48 hours after the session, new neurons and new networks are being built in the nervous system and in your brain. That may cause headaches, nausea and also unpleasent emotions surfacing.

This is trauma work. You may have an array of emotional and physical symptoms that may arise. As with any deep treatment, be gentle with yourself for the next 24/48hrs.

This work triggers neurological reprogramming which means rest, rest, rest.

You will learn this very powerful technique and you will be able to use it  to keep transforming from a stressful state to inner balance and peace.

Even believes and behavioural patterns will change in that process.

Besides our weekly meetings you will receive exercises, meditations and guided breath work sessions to really get a full toolkit so you can walk on your path even after our time together.

Transformation is usually a journey that takes time and effort,  It takes some discipline and motivation. I will be there to support you through that proces.

If you are committed to your transformation, this can become a wonderful time to take a big step on this journey.

I want you to be free! You are an amazing and powerful being!! All you need is commitment, courage and some tools that you will have to apply.

Mädchen mit ausgestreckten Armen

What you will get:

-4, 8 or 12 one on one Triple Vagal Method® online sessions for nervous system regulation and trauma release

We meet once week for about  1.5 hours.

- my support thoroughout these weeks to establish healthy habits to rewire your nervous system. Including voice notes answering your questions.

Lifelong access to:

- Guided audios for shifting the nervous system


Different breath work techniques for empowerment and health

- Guided meditation for stress relief

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