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Welcome! I am glad you are here!


You want to live a more liberated life, connected

to your emotions, filled with joy and energy!?


This somatic coaching might be for you.

I am working with the Triple Vagal Method® which is deeply transformational and revolutionary and has helped thousands of people already.

This is a somatic modality which is working with the body and the nervous system to transform wounds that are imprinted in the subconscious mind.  The Triple Vagal Method® helps you to release trauma and to live a more liberated and emotionally balanced life,

A life filled with joy and energy

If we want to be free from any limiting believes and emotions, we have to release these emotions stored in the body and deeply shift the state of the nervous system.

In my one on one online treatments I will support you and show you how to regulate yourself with the Triple Vagal Method® in a sustainable way. Step by step you will be  transforming your wounds to be able to feel safe and centered again.

Polyvagal theory has tought us a lot about how traumatic events  leave a damaging imprint in  the nervous system.

When we are facing depression, anxiety, panic or any other emotional or mental imbalances often the roots are lying in unresolved trauma which dysregulates the nervous system.

The great thing is that we can change that!

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