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What clients say...


Working with Lu has been amazing. I have gotten interested in working with the nervous system, so when I found out Lu was working with nervous system calming techniques, I immediately booked 3 sessions. I absolutely loved them! I immediately noticed the effect. I felt calmer throughout the day and even my period cramps were less than usual. I will continue doing these exercices in my daily life because I truly feel that they are deeply transformative.

Alice Smeets, coach and artist, Belgium


I must admit that I was a bit sceptical in the beginning, but I was also desperate to find ways to cope with my anxiety. So I gave it a try and I am amazed how transforming this is! I finally feel that I am taking big healing steps towards more and more freedom.

I am forever grateful beyond words!

Phil Baker, business owner, USA


I am surprised how well this is working! After having tried to heal my eating disorder without success in cognitve behavioral therapy, I was open to try something else. With the practice of TVM, I finally can relax deeply. I have also started to feel my emotions instead of "stuffing them down" with food. I no longer over eat!!

Nicole Jahn, Teacher, Austria

I have had sessions with Lu and highly recommend her work. After 1 session my anxiety had disappeared by 90%. This was a game changer for me. I was able to focus on other things and slowly build up my strenght. I came out of fight or flight as my nervous system regained balance and I felt safe. After 4 sessions I can say I rarely have anxiety now and look forward to having more session with Lu and seeing what else there is to be released and resolved. Lu's work is simple and highly effective. Lu is also super caring, thoughtful and genuine. 


Thank you Lu for this amazing work you are doing!

Renata Spinelly Martins, Integrative Counsellor, Brazil

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