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Healthy intimacy and lovemaking

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

When we are stressed, when we are worrying a lot, when we are anxious, depressed or burned out, it is very hard to have a healthy sex life.

For men, when they carry stress witihn it can result in quick ejaculations to release built up pressure. It is a qiuck fix to release tension but not a great foundation for connected lovemaking.

For women it is hard to even feel horney in a long term relationship when the stress levels are too high for extedned periods.

Female and male sexuality and pleasure curves are very different, so really tuning into each other and creating an intimate connection that lasts longer than the exitement in the beginning of the relationship can be challenging for many people.

Either because of unresolved trauma around sexuality or because of a stressful life.

If you are living in a long term relationship, it can be a good idea for both partners to work with their own stress levels.

There are many ways to reduce stress. It takes commitment and some practice to rewire our nervous systems. We have to create a new „highway“ if we want to feel a shift in our state of being.

Starting the day off the phone or away from to do lists to tune in with some Yoga, Qi Gong, running, dancing or anything that resonates with you that makes you feel more alive, peaceful and relaxed.

I personally always find it helpful to start with a 30 day challenge, because after these days the return of a practice has become so obvious that I don’t want to miss it anymore.

And since everybody is different and everybody needs something different, I can’t really make a recomendation here. My personal favorite is definitely Kundalini Yoga, it is working out the body, bringing movement and breathwork together and a long relaxation at the end to really calm down and tone the vagus nerve. (The longest of the cranial nerves that is responsible for our rest and digest mode).

And then of course, if there are many unresolved emotions within us, it is great to search for professional help.

Reiki, hypnosis, anything that goes into healing the subconsious mind and body. What have you experienced as deeply healing for yourself?? I am happy to read in the comments what your most powerful tools or treatments have been, in order to become more balanced.

photo by our beautiful soulsister @xime

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